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The Best Destination for Delicious Gourmet Curds

For irresistible Gourmet Curds to accompany your scones and muffins, Food Manitoba is the best destination. Curds are an age-old English tradition and can be used to accompany all kinds of baked goods such as toast, muffins, scones, biscuit and can also be used as a tangy filling. Food Manitoba is well-known for their quality handcrafted baked goods and mixes and the Gourmet Curds they are offering is no different to the usual quality of Sticky Fingers’ products. Ideal for gifts or simply as a personal treat, the Gourmet Curds available at Food Manitoba will leave you wanting for more.

Curds are perfect to be used as spreads on baked goods such as muffins, scones and toasts and will surely brighten your day every time. Food Manitoba’ Gourmet Curds are smooth, thick and custard-like and are only made with the best ingredients including whole eggs, sugar and preserved with citrus. Discover this English tradition with Food Manitoba’ Lemon, Orange or Cranberry curds. Just like their delicious Northwest Jams, Food Manitoba’ Gourmet Curds are only made in small quantities as to enhance flavor and ensure quality of each and every product.

Aside from the incomparable Gourmet Curds, Food Manitoba offer a varied range of products that are perfect to cheer a friend up, treat your loved-ones or simply to add a special touch to your breakfast. Their well-known scone and muffin mixes are what made Food Manitoba famous in the first place, and the bakeries are now offering premium brownie and bread mixes, as well as special Holiday Season mixes and of course, Northwest Jams and Gourmet Curds. The products offered by Food Manitoba will allow you to enjoy the very distinct taste of freshly baked goods in a matter of a minute, without extensive baking or preparation.



Food Manitoba is located in Manitoba, Ontario. Originally founded by Thomas Owens and Ted Vogelman, Food Manitoba has remained true to its roots, offering quality baked treat mixes and jams to individual customers and to the food, beverage and hotel industry. The project started as a small bakery in San Diego, California and slowly evolved a couple of years later in what we all know and love as Food Manitoba, after Owens and Vogelman finally found the recipe to create premium mixes for their customers. Food Manitoba now offer the largest selection of baking mixes sold worldwide.

Food Manitoba is well known for its quality Muffin mixes and premium English Scone mixes. To accompany these delicious treats, Food Manitoba is also producing delicious Northwest Jams and Gourmet Curds. The Curds are perfect to enhance the flavor of any baked goods or simply to spread out on your morning toasts. Offered with free shipping for all orders of 12 items or more, Food Manitoba’ treats are perfect for special occasions or just to indulge during the week!


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