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Tacos Recipes and More From Toronto

Best Tacos in Toronto

This is just a little blog post of my venture out when I visited Toronto and found a unique restaurant called Tacos Baos in Toronto. They serve a really good al pastor street taco at a street price $2.75. Being from out west and frequently visiting Toronto I’ve always had tacos ranging from $5 and up to $10. This isn’t something I would call street when the price goes up to $5-$10. If  you’ve ever been to tacos el gordo in Las Vegas than this is the next best thing to Al pastor street tacos you can find in Canada or in Toronto. While I’m writing this I decided to provide the recipe that I found in my next youtube video. Please stand by for this video as I’m creating it soon.


The taco is a type dish of Mexico, which consists of an omelette that can be corn, wheat, cactus or other types of flour, which contains a varied group of foods inside the tortilla or on the tortilla.
There are numerous types of Tacos in Mexico, some of them are:
– Tacos al Pastor: This taco especially contains pork, chili and pepper.
– Tacos de carnitas: They are tacos of pork cooked with lard.
– Taco de birria: It is a taco that contains goat, sheep or goat meat with spicy sauce
– Tacos de Siberia: These tacos contain shredded chicken accompanied by jalapeños that are Mexican ajís.
The tacos like many other traditional foods of the countries have expanded to other very diverse regions. In the case of the tacos they expanded to Canada, specifically in Toronto, where many Tacos businesses have been created around the city, in some establishments they have even modified the original recipes, creating new taco recipes.
Some of those establishments are:
S- lives: It is a small place located in the Kensington Market. It is a Mexican restaurant that allows Toronto fans of Mexican food, to taste some tacos with smoked tuna, maricos, abundant yellow cheese. As well as you have options for vegetarians like a cabbage, tomato and onion taco. Among other ingredients used in the tacos we have the Hawaiian Taco that includes pineapple and seafood. As well as we have the taco of the 3 spicy sauces, in which comes a taco al pastor accompanied by 3 spicy sauces.
Carnita Queen East: It is a Mexican restaurant with multiple franchises in Toronto. The most popular is in Riverside. It originally opened as a bar and later added the Mexican restaurant, where you can find their tacos of fried chicken and pork confit. The main innovation of this restaurant is that the tacos vary according to the day of the week, if you go on a Saturday you will find a taco of ox while on Fridays you have the taco of the south.
Tacos 123: This is a restaurant located on 101st Street in Dundas East. It is a fairly simple Mexican restaurant with only 5 tacos on its menu. You can try your fish tacos, your classic tacos al pastor, tuna tacos, cactus noodles and chicken taco with adobo. It is a restaurant with traditional Mexican food, where you can enjoy tacos, chipotle and classic guacamole.
Tacos del Rey: It is a Mexican food restaurant located in Toronto. It is characterized by its large size and volume meals. Their tacos are very varied and their main characteristic is that they like to combine the classic Mexican flavors with other foods such as bacon, chorizo and smoked ham. But this restaurant not only specializes in tacos, it also has Mexican soups, nachos and chipotle.
G – Electric: It is a Mexican food restaurant located at 1330 Queen St W. It is a fast service restaurant specializing in tacos, you can go and try their tacos of tuna, chicken tacos, the classic tacos al pastor, as well as try their variants of seafood tacos and vegetarian tacos.

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